About Me

Hi There,

My name is Bradley Bussing and I am a 23 year old freelance musician who specializes in Saxophones and Woodwinds, from Sydney, NSW. I have recently returned home to Sydney following the completion of my Bachelor in Music at the James Morrison Academy of Music at University of South Australia, and am now studying my Masters of Teaching at Sydney University.  

Performance at St Andrews Cathedral with Aslandia Nov. 2021

I first started studying music at around the age of 5 when I began taking piano lessons and over the course of my schooling I added many instruments to my repertoire and became a member of many fantastic music programs both at my high school of Kirrawee High where I first met and had the chance to work with the amazingly talented James Morrison, and through external sources such as the amazing Jazz Camp program at Jazz Workshop Australia.

Major Composition Recital 2020 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the styles of Prolific Big Band Composers and Arrangers

Upon finishing my schooling majoring in Tenor Saxophone and the Clarinet, I decided to pursue music and moved to Mount Gambier, South Australia to study with the previously mentioned James Morrison at the James Morrison Academy of Music at University of South Australia. During my time studying at the James Morrison Academy, I was lucky enough to learn from and perform with some internationally renowned artists, including my regular teachers James Morrison, Mat Jodrell (The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra) , Grant Windsor (Conductor and Arranger for the BBC Big Band and BBC Concert Orchestra), Angela Davis, Carl Mackey, and Dr Gavin Franklin. I also had the wonderful opportunity to study with our Artists in Residence Jeff Clayton (The Clayton Hamilton Orchestra), Will Vinson, Tony Gould, Phil Stack (Thirsty Merc), David Jones and James Sherlock. I also learnt a range of new instruments during my studies to support my flexibility as a musician such as the Bari and Alto Saxophones, the Bass Clarinet and the Flute. 

Former Mentors including James Morrison (Trumpet), Jeff Clayton (Alto Saxophone), Phil Stack (Double Bass) playing at my former High School

My interests musically are mainly centered around Jazz and its sub-genres, but also branch into a range of music that has influenced me such as Film Music, Classical, Contemporary Australian Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Electronic and many more. In my time as a performing musician I have been incredibly lucky to perform in many different settings across these genres all over the country, such as playing with the James Morrison Academy Big Band at multiple venues around South Australia, or as a horn section member for Aslandia in Sydney.  

Participating in one of many Big Band gigs with the James Morrison Academy Big Band

Composing and arranging are also key parts of my musical identity, thanks to my many great influences as both a writer and a musician. Being a part of a Big Band exposed me to a number of amazing composers, and my classes in composition and arranging through university helped to clarify my personal voice as a composer/arranger. One of my great achievements in this regard was the presentation of my own recitals in my final year of study, which had a mix of my originals and arrangements I had orchestrated for small group and Big Band. These allowed me to explore a range of writing styles and flesh out my own ideas musically.

James Morrison with the Graduating Class of 2020